Working together to continuously improve care and
health outcomes for the people of Somerset.

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We are colleagues from across Somerset’s Integrated Care System, working collaboratively to continuously improve our services for the people of Somerset. This means local councils, NHS, the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, giving the people of Somerset support they need in a joined-up way across all health and care services involved.

Here is the full list of organisations who work together to form the Collaboration Hub:

  • NHS Somerset Integrated Care Board
  • Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
  • Somerset Council
  • Somerset voluntary sector
  • Somerset primary care services

Us working together removes traditional divisions between hospitals and family doctors, between physical and mental health, and between NHS and council services. Care is tailored to the complete needs of each service user, with the organisations involved working in harmony instead of in isolation. Greater networks are created and stronger colleague connections are made.

People working on similar problems join forces and we seek opportunities to spread successful projects across the system. The end results are impressive: health outcomes and service experience improve while health inequalities reduce.