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Finding the blockers and opportunities in existing processes

Process design analysis uses straightforward methods to clearly identify the individual steps in any given activity. These are displayed in visual format, making it easy to spot blockers that are slowing things down or contributing to an undesired effect. This insight makes it easier to generate ideas on how to improve. Journey mapping is a form of process design that works particularly well for health and social care services. Journey mapping focuses on the experience of the people involved – service users, carers, colleagues and anyone else - and how this contributes to what is happening at a service level. Journey maps also provide a bird’s eye view of how each step and any combination of them influence what is happening at an operational and organisational level. We recommend subject matter experts from all parts of the journey work together in mapping, so everyone’s experience is shared openly. This has proved really useful and enlightening, making it easier for the group to collaboratively generate realistic change ideas. Journey mapping usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. We have improvement facilitators who can support you to prepare your own session and be on hand to facilitate more complex maps.