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Validate your problem, avoid duplication and spread learning through knowledge

Understanding existing evidence and knowledge in your project area helps you validate the problem you are trying to solve, avoid duplication and spread learning through knowledge. Our knowledge and evidence team are founder members of the national Evidence 4 Quality Improvement network, which works in partnership with the library and knowledge services community. This gives us strong connections to pools of knowledge and expertise from other NHS organisations which has proved very useful in quality improvement projects. We can help you by: • Connecting you with colleagues in other organisations who have experience of tackling a similar problem • Training on how to access and use evidence resources • Providing focussed and simple evidence summaries, giving you an overview of the most recent and relevant evidence • Alerting you to new developments in your area of quality improvement • Supporting you to share and celebrate successes. This could include producing academic posters, writing articles for publication, writing award nominations and bid applications. Read our monthly improvement evidence update for the latest news, reports and updates on the NHS Academy of Fabulous stuff website. This newsletter has been recognised nationallyand is regularly read by professionals far and wide. Available now at: