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Virtual Quality Improvement Grand Round

Virtual Quality Improvement Grand Round

Supporting technology to release ‘Time to Care’

Back by popular demand… a story of service improvement for shared learning:

  • over 1300 hours per year released for the paediatric diabetes specialist nurse team through digital technology and patient education
  • hundreds of children, young people and families further enabled to manage their long-term condition and 100% more confident with setting up and accessing technology
  • 500 new connections to technology over three months
  • cost saving to the trust: £ 2,525 per month.

The principles of this quality improvement project could be applied to a wide range of clinical services.

Find out how… Join the virtual Quality Improvement Grand Round on Tuesday 24 January at 10.30am to hear the full story.

Presented to you by Gita Modgil, consultant paediatrician, and Giorgio Carrieri, children’s diabetes lead nurse. Free to attend. All health and social care colleagues welcome.

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pictured above, left to right: Gita Modgil and Giorgio Carrieri.

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